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You Have Been Sent A Confirmation Email

An automatically generated email confirming your booking details has been sent to the email address you provided when making the booking.

Note:  If you can't find the booking confirmation email in your "In Box" go on line to your email providers web mail and check in the "Spam  Folder", you will most likely find it there.

For future emails to get to your "In Box" place the email address  in your "Address Book" on the server,  future confirmation emails should get through to your in box.

If you would like us to manually send you the confirmation email then leave us a message on the "Contact" page of our Web Site or send us an email. 

Stall Fee

$20-00 per site. ($5-00 for Charitable Organisations), this will be collected from you during the Market. You are required to pay the stall fee in cash. Cheques are not acceptable. A receipt can be issued upon request.

Report to 41 Empire Street 6-30am to 8am

The Report Point is in the Auto Super Shoppe Yard,

On the corner of Alpha & Empire Streets.

(The "Auto Super Shoppe Yard" can be seen in the photos)

Click on the map for directions to the Registration location.

Method of Casual Stall Allocation

Casual stalls are allocated to persons who have registered as Casual Stallholders" on a "First Come First Served Basis" on the day of the Market. The Stalls allocated are those in areas reserved for casual stall holders. The stalls of Permanent Stallholders who are unable to attend on any given month are also allocated to persons registered as "Casual Stall Holders".

It should be noted that it is unlikely that same stall will be allocated to a Casual Stall Holder from one month to the next.

Table / Trestle

Please bring a Table or Trestle to display your goods. (They are not provided at the Market)