Terms & Conditions

By booking a Stall at the “Cambridge Trash ‘N’ Treasure Market you agree to abide by these “Terms & Conditions”.

The Market Day is run under the direct control of “The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust” (Lions Club).   The Lions Club has a “Public Places Permit” issued by the Waipa District Council permitting them to operate the Market.

The members of the Lions Club who manage the market are volunteers. 


Trading Location          

                                    66 – 78 Alpha Street Cambridge

                                    32 – 87 Duke Street Cambridge

                                    1 – 41 Empire Street Cambridge

                                    21 – 79 Victoria Street Cambridge

Time                            8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the second Sunday of every Month

Any stalls set up and operating within the Trading Location identified above, on the given dates and time are bound by these terms and conditions.

Weather                                    The market is held rain or shine!


Stall Fee

$20-00 per stall. ($5-00 for Charitable Organisations), this will be collected from you during the Market. You are required to pay the stall fee in cash. Cheques are not acceptable. A receipt can be issued upon request.

Width of Stalls                         Stalls are approximately 3.5m wide.

Power                                      Powered stalls are not available.

Subletting                                Subletting of stalls is not permitted

Stall Shelter

Most stalls are located under the shop verandas so offer a degree of shelter from the weather. There are normally sufficient stalls under verandas to meet demand.

Uncovered stalls are available.  Gazebos / Umbrellas are acceptable for use within the uncovered stalls as long as they do not encroach onto the walkways and providing secure tie down methods are used in windy conditions.

Display of Goods
Where possible goods are to be displayed on tables or trestles. Large items that won't fit on tables are to be located adjacent to your table within your stall boundaries. 

Small items are not to be placed on the footpath as they become a tripping hazard.

Tables / Trestles

Stallholders are required to provide their own Tables / Trestles. 

Restrictions are

All food for sale or distributed from stalls comply with the current Food & Hygiene Regulations. (refer to the food section).

If you wish to sell products other than those on your application form, you must seek our approval prior to the market.  This is especially the case if you are wanting to sell food items.

Do not fix anything to the shop frontages, especially to the shop windows.

Contact with Shop Owners

The Club as the Market Permit Holder is responsible for running the Market. Stall holders are not to directly contact shop owners in respect of Market related matters.  Any concerns or problems you have in respect of our market should be directed to the clubs “Market Day Co-ordinator”.  If shop proprietors approach you with any issues that concern you, please advise them to contact the Lions Club.

The ongoing success of our Market is dependent on the club maintaining the good relationship we have with shop owners and the Waipa District Council.

Till Float

Bring sufficient cash for your till float e.g., 50c coins, $5, $10 notes.

Bank ATM facilities are located throughout the market location.


Report Point     41 Empire Street

The Report Point is in the Auto Super Shoppe Yard, on the corner of Alpha & Empire Streets.

Report Time     between 6-30am and 8am

Casual stalls are allocated to persons who have registered as Casual Stallholders" on a "First Come First Served Basis" on the day of the Market. The Stalls allocated are those reserved for casual stall holders. The stalls of Permanent Stallholders who are unable to attend on any given month are also allocated to persons registered as "Casual Stall Holders".

It should be noted that it is unlikely that same stall will be allocated to a Casual Stall Holder from one month to the next.  This is because some of the stalls allocated to casuals are stalls of permanent stallholder not attending that month.

Method of Casual Stall Allocation

On arrival at the market registration point you will be given a Photo to locate your "Stall" position.

Some photos have inserts to assist in more accurately defining the stall boundaries.

If you have difficulty in locating your "Stall" please return to where you picked up the Photo and we will assist in locating your stall.

Please keep the photo in good condition as it will be retrieved from you when we call to collect your stall fee.

Multiple Stalls

No multiple stalls will be allocated in the premium locations at the Market.

At the present time the premium location is defined as “Victoria St” (Main Street) between the two Roundabouts - the one near the Town Clock and the Duke Street Roundabout.

It will also not be possible to request to have a site allocated next door to a friend’s stall.

Double stalls will be available outside the premium area at each Market and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Double stalls will be held until 7-15 am at which time they will be allocated as single stalls.

Being prepared to use Gazebos instead of being located under shop Verandas may enable you to locate in a more favorable position.


The footpaths must be kept sufficiently clear to allow unimpeded movement of pedestrians, mobility scooters and pushchairs. This is to ensure that the health and safety of the public is not compromised.

Access ways to ATM cash machines must be kept clear.

Car Parking

After unloading vehicles, they must be shifted out of the streets where stalls are set up or shops are open for trading. Do not park in any "Reserved Parking Spaces".  The Club closely monitors parking to ensure compliance.

Parking is available in parking areas at the end of Halley's Lane (off Victoria Street) and behind the Masonic Hotel (off Duke St), around the edge of the Town square and in Alpha Street. 

Every park taken by a stallholder is one less park for potential customers. It is better for stallholder to spend a few minutes walking, than the market customers.


Our preference is for you to contact us via the "Contact” page at www.cambridgemarket.nz

If you wish to phone us in respect of "Trash 'N' Treasure" the number is 027 693 7952

It is highly likely you will go through to the voice messaging system leave us a message, giving us, a contact phone number and we will return your call. 

Written communication can also be sent to P O Box 251, Cambridge 3450 

Contact on the day

The Cambridge Lions have a Gazebo and Food Caravan in front of the Bank of New Zealand; this is the place to go if you need to communicate with us on the day. We cannot be missed, just look for someone wearing Blue Shirt with the "Lions Logo" on the front, some members may also be wearing peaked cap, "Gold & Blue" with a Lions Logo on the front.


3 sets of public toilets are in the Cambridge CBD

The super Loo – Corner of the Park opposite the z Service Station.

In the Public Car Park at the end of Hallys Lane (halfway up the main street)

In the Car Park behind the Masonic Hotel – in front of Absolute Coffee House

Vacating Stall & Clean Up

Trading is to cease by 1 pm and the stall (footpath) must be completely clear by 2 pm.

Please take your rubbish with you and ensure that you leave your section of the pavement clean and tidy.


Selling Food for Fundraising

As the event organiser we are required to ensure that each food stall holder is appropriately registered or exempt.

You can sell food for fundraising up to 20 times per year without registering under the Food Act. This includes the sale of cakes, biscuits, lollies etc. Everyone selling food must make sure it is safe and suitable, even if you don’t need to register.

You can still be checked and held accountable if you make people sick.

Note Under the act “Fundraising” is defined as “selling or trading not for personal profit",

            That means that ALL the profits from the funds raised must be going to a charity.

To sell food for profit

To sell food for profit you must be registered under the Food Act.

If you require further information, please go to the ‘Ministry of Primary Industries Website

Where Do I Fit?


Use the tool on the above link to find out what rules you need to follow under the Food Act 2014.

or go to

 “Waipa District Council” at


If after viewing the above links you are still unsure as to your status you should contact the

Environmental Health Officer

Cambridge Service Centre

Waipa District Council

Phone; 07 823 3800

 You should discuss your status in respect of Food Safety with them and obtain a “letter of exemption” or become registered.



Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 it is acknowledged that there is a shared responsibility between The  Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust, all Stallholders and the visiting Public to ensure The Market has a high level of Health and Safety for the benefit of everyone.

Stallholders must report any notifiable (injury, accident) which occurs on or near their stall to the Market Coordinator.

Stall Safety

Stallholders must confine displays and signs to the stall area.

The footpaths must be kept sufficiently clear to allow unimpeded movement of pedestrians, mobility scooters and pushchairs. This is to ensure that the health and safety of the public is not compromised.

Stallholders are responsible for maintaining their stall in a clean and tidy condition at all times and are encouraged to present an attractive stall in keeping with the theme of our Trash ‘N’ Treasure Market.

First Aid

A First Aid kit is available in the Lions Food Caravan or the Lions Gazebo, both are in the main street in front of the BNZ Bank.


How to apply to become a permanent stall holder

Before making application to become a permanent stallholder you must have attended four consecutive Cambridge Markets as a casual stall holder (probationary period). 

Currently there is a waiting list of people wanting to be allocated permanent stalls. Your application will be placed on our waiting list and we will contact you when a Stall / Stalls become available. 

Until a permanent stall is allocated please continue to book every month as a casual stall holder. 

Terms & Conditions specific to Permanent Stall Holders

The Market Organisers reserve the right to; relocate, re allocate or resize stalls at their sole discretion. However, where possible permanent stall holders will be left in the stall/s allocated.

Permanent stall / stalls are allocated specifically to the person named as the stall holder. Stall holders are not permitted to sublet or transfer the stall to other persons.

On the day of the Market you must be on your stall/s no later than 7-30 am after this time unoccupied stalls will be allocated to casual stall holders. If you are held up in traffic you should phone us on 027 693 7952 and leave a message.

If you are unable to attend any given market you should advise us as soon as possible, but no later than 6 pm on the Saturday prior to the market. This is best done online, follow the link on the "Perm Stallholder Page" or phone 027 693 7952 and leave a message.  Failure to do so will mean you are you are immediately liable to forfeit the stall/s allocated to you.  

It is a condition of our “Public Places Permit” issued  by the Waipa District Council, that we are able to provide details of the stall holders participating under our permit and advise what they are selling and / or promoting .  You must inform us of any changes in respect of your personal details, e.g. contact details, email address, phone numbers.  You must advise us if you start selling a new product, especially Food Items.  You are able to update your information by clicking on the “Advise Change Of Your Contact Details” button on the “Perm Stall Holders” page on our website www.cambridgemarket.nz

Permanent Stallholders may apply at any time to relocate to another stall.



The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust” is committed to protecting personal information provided via this Website.

 Personal Information

Information provided by you will be securely retained and kept confidential. You have a right under the Privacy Act 1993 to request correction or deletion of, any personal information held by us about you.

 Use of Information

We may use your information to operate and improve Cambridge Market.

We may share information with third parties outside of the “The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust” such as our business partners to operate and further improve our services.

When we use third parties to assist us in processing your personal information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

We may also share information with third parties in limited circumstances, including when complying with legal process, preventing fraud or imminent harm, and ensuring the security of our Market.

We will not share or sell your data to a third party without your permission.

Contact Details

If you have any questions about the privacy of your

personal information please contact us at PO Box 251 Cambridge 3450.


Disclaimer of Liability

The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust will not be liable for

any loss or damage to the property of the stallholders due to fire, robbery,

accidents or any cause whatsoever that may arise from use and occupancy of

a stall at our Market.

 The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust assumes no liability

for any damages or losses resulting from or relating to the failure of the

stallholder to comply with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.


Please bring any complaints to the attention of the Market Coordinator, or

contact The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust directly.


Stallholders trade at Cambridge Trash & Treasure Market at

their own risk.

Changing the Terms and Conditions

We may change the Terms and Conditions, by changing or removing terms or adding new ones at any time.

Any change applies from the time it is published on our website at www.cambridgemarket.nz

These Terms & Conditions must always be adhered to; otherwise expulsion from Market will occur.

Thank you for your inquiry, we look forward to allocating you a stall.