Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 28/3/2022

By booking a Stall at the “Cambridge Trash ‘N’ Treasure Market” (Market)

you agree to abide by these “Terms & Conditions”.

The Market Day is run under the direct control of “The Lions Club of

Cambridge Charitable Trust” (Lions Club).

The members of the Lions Club who manage the market are volunteers.


Trading Location

Memorial Park, (Rugby Grounds)

 62 Taylor Street, Cambridge


8-30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the second Sunday of every Month

Any stalls set up and operating within the perimeter fence of Memorial

Park on the above dates and time are bound by these terms and conditions.


The market is held rain or shine!

Stallholder Report Point & Time

1. Arrival time between 6-30 a.m. and 8-30 a.m.

2. Join the ‘Stall Allocation Queue” in the slip lane located in Taylor St

on the left-hand side of the main entrance to “Memorial Park”.  The lane

will be identified with a “Lions Event” sign and orange road cones.

3. Follow vehicles in front of you until you reach the head of the queue.

4. Allocation - You will then be given instructions on how to find your

site. All stalls are allocated to persons who have registered on the “Market

Website" on a "First Come First Served Basis" on the day of the


It should be noted that it is unlikely that the same stall will be

allocated to a Stall Holder from one month to the next.  This is because

the market layout could vary from month to month depending on weather


5. Proceed into the market area very slowly (10 kph maximum).

6. Lions volunteers wearing yellow Hi Viz jackets are there to assist you

find your site.

Stall Information

Car Parking

If using the whole of your site/stall to display your product, please

unload your vehicle promptly and park in the designated car park on the grassed

area to the left of the main entrance to the park.

Parking your vehicle on your stall site is acceptable, but you must leave

room for your product within the site.

If you wish to have your vehicle on your site, park at right angles to the

walkway as you would in a normal car park. If you have a double site, you can

park across the back of the site parallel with the walkway.

Please do not park your vehicle on the site next door (if empty).

Rugby Fields

The Market shares the “Memorial Park” facilities with the

Cambridge Rugby fraternity.  There are three fields within the confines of

the park. No vehicle is to encroach onto playing fields, even for

turning.  A turning loop is located on the main park road, beyond the

Grandstand and Toilet Block.


Shelters, Tables & Trestles

These are not provided and are the stall holders responsibility

Note; you can only use the site area allocated;

Your single site measures 4 metres wide x 8 metres deep. A double site

measures 8 metres x 8 metres.

Please keep within the boundaries as defined by the markers in each corner

of the site.

Market Rules

Important -for reasons of public safety, Vehicles are prohibited from

entering the Market selling area after 8-30 a.m. and must not leave or re-enter

the market area before 1pm,.

Stall Fee

$20-00 per stall. ($5-00 for Charitable Organisations), this will be

collected from you during the Market. You are required to pay the stall fee in

cash. A receipt can be issued upon request.

Your product display or signage must not extend into the walkway.

For public safety, portable signs must not be placed in the alleyways.

Please refer problems with your site or with neighbouring stalls to the

Market Manager promptly.

IMPORTANT: always keep your till float and takings safe

and secure.

If you suspect that goods have been stolen from your stall or have

concerns about any persons hanging around your site, please report by phone

(027) 693 7952 or contact a market staff member in yellow high viz jackets.

Goods for sale must not be hawked around the market area; all selling must

be done from your site. Pamphlets, flyers, or advertising material cannot be

distributed around the Market or placed on vehicles.

Please co-operate with your neighbour.


 Are not permitted from stalls except if prior approval has been

obtained from the Market Manager.

Sausage sizzles

Sausage sizzles are not permitted.


No Dogs are permitted at the Market. (Memorial Park is specified as being a Dog prohibited area in “Schedule One” of the Waipa District Council D o g C o n t r o l B y l a w 2015, with the exception of disability assist dogs).

Sound Systems

Amplified sound is not permitted.


The Cambridge Market area is a designated alcohol-free area.


Cambridge Market is a “Smoke Free Event”

Counterfeit or faked goods

Counterfeit or faked goods with pirated brand names protected by local or

international Copyrights cannot be sold. You will be asked to leave if you

infringe this instruction.


Powered stalls are not available.


Subletting of stalls is not permitted


Use of Gazebos / Umbrellas is recommended as all stalls are unsheltered.

They must not encroach onto the walkways.  Secure hold down methods

must be used in windy conditions.

Display of Goods

Where possible goods are to be displayed on tables or trestles. Large

items that won't fit on tables are to be located adjacent to your table within

your stall boundaries.

Small items are not to be placed on the ground as they become a tripping


Tables / Trestles

Stallholders are required to provide their own Tables / Trestles.


Food for Sale

All food for sale or distributed from stalls must comply with the current

Food & Hygiene Regulations. (Refer to the “Selling Food” section) and must not

be eaten within the Market Perimeter

If you wish to sell products other than those on your application form,

you must seek our approval prior to the market.  This is especially the

case if you are wanting to sell food items.

Till Float

Bring sufficient cash for your till float e.g., 50c coins, $5, $10 notes.

There are no Bank ATM facilities at the market location.


The walkways must be kept clear to allow unimpeded movement of

pedestrians, mobility scooters and pushchairs. This is to ensure that the

health and safety of the public is not compromised.


Prior to Market Day:

Our preference is for you to contact us via the "Contact” page

at www.cambridgemarket.nz

If you wish to phone us in respect of "Trash 'N' Treasure" the

number is 027 693 7952

It is highly likely you will go through to the voice messaging system.

Please leave us a message, giving us, a contact phone number and we will return

your call.

Written communication be sent to P O Box 251, Cambridge 3450

Contact on the day

The Cambridge Lions Gazebo (located adjacent just inside the Memorial

Gates) and Lions Food Caravan (located near the Grandstand) This is the place

to go if you need to communicate with us on the day. We cannot be missed, just

look for someone wearing a Hi Vis Vest  "Lions Logo" on the front and back.

Some members may also be wearing peaked cap, "Gold & Blue" with a

Lions Logo on the front.


The women’s toilet block is situated to the north of the “Grandstand” and

men’s toilet is in the changing rooms adjacent to the Grandstand.


Water taps are located on the front of the Women’s Toilet Block and on the

end wall of  the men’s change room building.


Selling Food for Fundraising

As the market organiser we are required to ensure that each food stall

holder is appropriately registered or exempt.

You can sell food for fundraising up to 20 times per year without

registering under the Food Act. This includes the sale of cakes, biscuits,

lollies etc. Everyone selling food must make sure it is safe and suitable, even

if you don’t need to register.

You can still be checked and held accountable if you make people sick.

Note Under the act “Fundraising” is defined as “selling or trading not for

personal profit", That means that ALL the profits from the funds raised

must be going to a charity.

To sell food for profit

To sell food for profit you must be registered under the Food Act.

If you require further information, please go to the ‘Ministry of Primary

Industries Website

Where Do I Fit?


Use the tool on the above link to find out what rules you need to follow

under the Food Act 2014.

or go to

 “Waipa District Council” at


If after viewing the above links you are still unsure as to your status

you should contact the

Environmental Health Officer

Cambridge Service Centre

Waipa District Council

Phone; 07 823 3800

 You should discuss your status in respect of Food Safety with them

and obtain a “letter of exemption” or become registered.



Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 it is acknowledged that there

is a shared responsibility between The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable

Trust, all Stallholders and the visiting Public to ensure The Market has a high

level of Health and Safety for the benefit of everyone.

Stallholders must report any notifiable (injury, accident) which occurs on

or near their stall to the Market Manager.

First Aid Kit and Defibrillator

Are available at the Lions Food Caravan.

Stall Safety

Stallholders are responsible for always maintaining their stall in a clean

and tidy condition.  You are encouraged to present an attractive stall in

keeping with the theme of our Trash ‘N’ Treasure Market.

The following Market Rules must be always adhered to:

The maximum speed limit in and around The Cambridge Market is 10kph at all


Vehicles are not permitted to enter the market stall area between 8-30 a.m.

and 1 p.m.

Vehicles parked on stall sites are not permitted to leave the stall site

between 8-30 a.m. and 1 p.m.

For public safety, vehicles must not move through the Market Area until 1

p.m. You are requested to take the shortest route from your site to the

perimeter roadway. The only exception for leaving early is illness, an

emergency, or the onset of bad weather. Staff can be called in to assist your

movement through the market area in an emergency.

Sites must be vacated by 2.00 p.m.

Stallholders who must leave the market early must not park their vehicles

on their stall site.

Stallholders are not permitted to set up their stalls over the front

boundary of their site - that is, on the public walkway.

Stallholder signs are not permitted on the public walkways.

Stallholders must take all rubbish with them when leaving the market.

Stallholders must report any notifiable event (injury, illness, accident)

which occurs on their stall site to the Cambridge Market Gazebo or Lions Food


Stallholders not adhering to the above rules will lose the right to

operate at The Cambridge Market.


The only deviation from the above rules would be in the advent of a storm,

bringing strong winds and rain; or a fire; or other events where your safety is

at risk.

We then request that stallholders depart from the market in an orderly

fashion, taking note that members of the public could still be present.

In addition, if stallholders have a sudden medical or family emergency

where they need to leave the market early, phone 027 693 7952 immediately for

Cambridge Market staff assistance they escort you and your vehicle through the

market area.


Please leave your site clean and tidy before you leave, take your rubbish with you. We appreciate

your co-operation.

The Market Organisers reserve the right to; relocate, re allocate or

resize stalls at their sole discretion.



The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust” is committed to protecting

personal information provided via this Website.

 Personal Information

Information provided by you will be securely retained and kept

confidential. You have a right under the Privacy Act 1993 to request correction

or deletion of any personal information held by us about you.

Use of Information

We may use your information to operate and improve Cambridge Market.

We may share information with third parties outside of the “The Lions Club

of Cambridge Charitable Trust” such as our business partners to operate and

further improve our services.

When we use third parties to assist us in processing your personal

information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other

appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

We may also share information with third parties in limited circumstances,

including when complying with legal process, preventing fraud or imminent harm,

and ensuring the security of our Market.

We will not share or sell your data to a third party without your


Contact Details

If you have any questions about the privacy of your

personal information please contact us at PO Box 251 Cambridge 3450.


Disclaimer of Liability

The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust will not be liable for

any loss or damage to the property of the stallholders due to fire, robbery,

accidents or any cause whatsoever that may arise from use and occupancy of

a stall at our Market.

 The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust assumes no liability

for any damages or losses resulting from or relating to the failure of the

stallholder to comply with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.


Please bring any complaints to the attention of the Market Manager, or

contact The Lions Club of Cambridge Charitable Trust directly.


Stallholders trade at Cambridge Trash & Treasure Market at

their own risk.

Changing the Terms and Conditions

We may change the Terms and Conditions, by changing or removing terms or

adding new ones at any time.

Any change applies from the time it is published on our website at www.cambridgemarket.nz

These Terms & Conditions must always be adhered to; otherwise,

expulsion from Market will occur.

 Thank you for your inquiry, we look forward to allocating you a